Why vitamins are important

Why vitamins are important

In an ideal world, you would get all of the nutrients you require from organic, nutrient-dense foods, grown close to home. The reality though, is that most of us do not live on a farm where we can harvest local, organic produce all year long. Therefore, nutritional supplements may be worth considering.

Admittedly though, the current vitamin market offers a confusing array of options, making it difficult for you to know which vitamins your body really needs.

How do you know which ones (if any!) are right for you? Enter CustomVite.

We’re here to take away that confusion and create a vitamin formulation just for you – one that is unique and personalized to your health needs and goals.

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Why is taking a vitamin quiz helpful?

Why is taking a vitamin quiz helpful?

Since 1999 CustomVite’s Nutrition Team has been working closely with leading experts in the fields of integrative medicine, nutritional sciences, and dietetics to develop customized vitamin formulations.

This commitment to science-based research and results-oriented outcomes has positioned us as the undisputed leader in the customized supplement industry.

Our quiz is backed by science and tailored to you:

We have integrated our extensive, accumulated knowledge and expertise into our nutritional assessment questionnaire which has been designed to identify and analyze the 11 organ systems of the body to help determine areas where you may require nutritional support.

The analysis also incorporates your medical history, diet and lifestyle patterns, and health goals.

Our vitamin assessment quiz goes beyond your immediate nutritional concerns and considers allergies and potential drug-nutrient interactions (our nutrient interaction checker) to ensure you are getting only the nutritional support you need and nothing more.

CustomVite changed my life

I am doing everything I can to arm my body with the appropriate nutrients to live a happy and healthy life.

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D.H / Harbor Springs, MI

Easy to take, customized to my needs

Prepackaged into my daily dosage and the staff is great to work with.

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B.T.H / San Antonio, TX

A much better option

CustomVite’s customer service is excellent as well. All emails and questions were answered quickly.

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C.M / Calgary, AB

How we assess the right vitamins for you

How we assess the right vitamins for you

How we assess the right vitamins for you

What the CustomVite Quiz asks for & why

Although our personalized vitamin quiz only takes about 5 minutes to complete, don’t underestimate the engine behind our suggestions.

Our sophisticated algorithm is working behind the scenes to process your survey responses, provide you with detailed nutritional supplement suggestions and ultimately supply you with easy-to-use personalized vitamin packs.

Overview of our supplement quiz


Name & Age

The first step is to introduce yourself to us. Your name will help us to personalize your vitamin kit so that you can feel confident knowing these vitamins were made just for you.

By entering your age (don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone!), we will be able to determine your precise nutritional supplement needs, as nutrient requirements change through the lifespan.



We’re a dedicated team of Registered Dietitians & Nutritionists who want nothing more than to help you with your health goals. By letting us know your primary health goals, we’ll be able to suggest the nutritional supplements that may best help you meet those goals.

For example, would you like to support your energy levels? Or give special attention to your hair/skin and nails? Let us know in this section of the vitamin quiz, and we’ll make it happen!


Nutrient Interaction Checker

Our nutrient interaction checker is a key component of our evaluation. We promise to keep all of your medical information safe and secure, and we absolutely never share any data with other websites.

The sole purpose of the nutrient interaction checker is to ensure that the supplements we suggest do not negatively interact with your prescription medications and/or allergies and sensitivities.

It’s easy to find the right supplements for you!

It’s easy to find the right supplements for you!

Our vitamins/supplements are filled with high-quality ingredients packed into customized formulations. We guarantee that you will be happy with your personalized supplements – and if you’re not, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on any unused portion of your order in its original packaging.

You have nothing to lose except a lifetime of less than optimal nutrition! So, what are you waiting for? Start Your Vitamin Quiz today!

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