Sam Abraham

Chief Executive Officer

Sam is the Founder and CEO of NutriLab. He has had a diverse career spanning a number of industries including Healthcare, Entertainment, Telecom and Private Equity. With a passion for health and fitness, Sam’s heart is in spreading the gospel about how to use nutritional supplementation to improve wellness and live life to the fullest.

Natasha Paroutis

Nutrition Director

Natasha is a senior member of NutriLab, and is the Nutrition Director of the CustomVite Nutrition Team. She completed her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Food and Nutrition at Ryerson University (Toronto, Canada) and strives to upgrade her knowledge in this field on a regular basis, most recently focusing on advanced analysis of laboratory diagnostics. As a passionate nutritionist and wellness professional, Natasha combines her love of health and science to help people achieve their health and fitness goals.

CJ McGregor

Chief Technology Officer

CJ joined the CustomVite team in 2019 and has a keen focus on using technology to help people find the nutritional supplements that are right for them. CJ has had a diverse background in technology, spanning industries such as finance, online dating, e-commerce and blockchain.