Staying Healthy During the Holidays

With family gatherings, and lots of indulgent food surrounding us, it’s very easy to unintentionally pack on a few extra pounds during the holiday season. Since the year is coming to an end, many people are starting to think about goals that they look forward to accomplishing next year. We’re here to help you with some health and nutrition reminders not only for the New Year, but also during the holiday season. Here are some healthy tips to keep in mind:

  • Eat well, but let yourself indulge in some of the holiday treats, especially the homemade varieties. In other words, skip the store-bought snacks and treats because you can get those anytime of the year! Now, we’re not encouraging a complete binge, but indulging in a treat now and again will likely prevent overeating later on.
  • Don’t forget to stay active and take your supplements. With work, shopping, and the endless to-do list, it might feel overwhelming and impossible to hit the gym. Nevertheless, even if you can find 20 minutes, 2 or 3 times a week, to go for a brisk walk, you’ll find it’s not only physically beneficial, but can also help to clear your mind and reduce stress. Along with exercise, taking your vitamins will ensure that you’re getting all of your essential nutrients, especially during this busy time when meals are not as planned (or as healthy!) as usual.
  • Travel safely. Keep in mind the additional holiday traffic and the changing winter weather. So if you’re traveling far, make sure you pack well and plan ahead of time. Dress warm and drive safe!
  • Keep your freezer stocked with healthy meals. Maybe that means making an extra portion or two of your favourite meals on the weekend to freeze for the more hectic weekdays. You can even stock up on a few packs of frozen vegetables to simply add to a quick pasta sauce or casserole.  These freezer foods can be a lifesaver on those hectic days when you don’t have time to make a healthy and nutritious meal from scratch.
  • Lastly, be happy, be thankful, and help others to the best of your abilities.


Enjoy your time off with your family and friends!



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