Get More Energy the Natural Way

When your body is low on energy, it relies on everything from blood sugar to adrenaline. If
you’re feeling extremely fatigued and in need of a recharge, here are some ways you can give
yourself an energy boost – the natural way. There are several different body mechanisms that
control your energy levels throughout the day, but they rely on proper nutrition to keep them
running efficiently.

Blood Sugar – The brain depends on glucose, which is better known as sugar, to control the cells
in your body. After you have eaten, your blood sugar only stays level for 3 to 4 hours, which is
why you have to replenish your fuel by eating again. When you have low blood sugar levels,
your brain isn’t being fed. When the mid-morning or mid-afternoon hunger pains strike, don’t
go for a chocolate bar or latte. Instead choose healthy foods such as fruit, cottage cheese, trail
mix, or natural peanut butter. These alternatives will allow your body to absorb energy more
slowly and keep your blood sugar steady.

Acidity in your Blood – Your blood usually has a naturally maintained pH level of 7.4, which
makes it a little alkaline. When your blood is slightly alkaline it helps to maintain energy
production. However when your blood becomes acidic, or has a pH level of 7 or lower, your
body starts a process that can lead to heart disease, cancer, plaque, and arthritis. When you
overeat sugar, white bread and pasta this can also affect your bone density. If you have regular
meals and still feel tired, give yourself an energy litmus test, which can easily be found online or
at your local health food store. If your pH levels are off, pass on the bagel and instead opt for
fruit, vegetables, or yogurt.

Hormones – Your hormones control just about everything from puberty to pregnancy, so it’s no
surprise that they also have a hand in your energy levels. When you eat too many
carbohydrates, it stimulates your body to produce serotonin, which can make you feel sluggish
and drowsy. Adding protein to your lunch or as a snack will help you offset the impending lull.

Nutritional Supplements – There is no magic pill that will boost your energy levels but there are
some vitamins that can help support your body’s natural energy production. A  good quality vitamin B complex. may be helpful, as the B vitamins are required for energy
production and metabolism.

Not having enough energy throughout the day can negatively impact everything you do. Following the above tips may help you determine what zaps your energy and how you can help alleviate these issues.

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