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The Best Supplements for Women

Both men and women require many essential vitamins and minerals for health. While your diet should in theory provide you with all the nutrients you need, there are many reasons why it may not. Stress, poor diet, processed and convenience food, activity level, and genetics can all affect nutrient levels. In addition, variables like alcohol […]

Why Protecting Your Eyes from the Sun’s UV Rays is So Important

July is UV safety awareness month and while you probably already know the importance of protecting your skin from the sun’s UV rays, you may not have considered the effect of the sun’s harmful rays on your eyes.  Research shows that UV-A and UV-B rays can result in long-term vision problems and damage to your […]

Why It’s So Important to Get Enough Vitamin D

The weather is warmer and the sun is setting later. This means that summer is finally here!   The gloomy winter days are a thing of the past (for now!) and when the sun is shining, your skin is exposed to solar UVB radiation, which is then converted to pre-vitamin D in your skin, and then […]

Can Inflammation Affect Weight Loss?

Losing weight is a simple equation, right?   Burn off more calories than you consume, and you’ll lose weight.   Turns out this may not always be the case.  Research has found there is something lurking in your body that can sabotage your best efforts to lose weight – inflammation. Not the good kind that helps you […]

Best and Worst Foods for Gut Health

In last week’s blog, we learned how the health of our gut has far-reaching effects on the rest of our body. A healthy gut contributes to a strong immune system, heart health, brain health, a healthy weight, and effective digestion. But how do we keep our gut healthy? It turns out what you eat directly […]

Signs of Bad Gut Health

When your gut is functioning properly, you have a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria, your body produces digestive enzymes, absorbs nutrients effectively, fights against bacteria and infections, and eliminates waste and unwanted substances efficiently. But what happens when your gut is not functioning as it should be and you have an imbalance of bacteria? Here […]

How Gut Health Impacts Our Bodies

You may think our digestive system is relatively simple. Food goes in, is broken down into nutrients that are absorbed, and then the waste is excreted. While that is true, emerging research has found that our gut has far-reaching effects on our entire body.  In fact, gut health is so important that some medical professionals […]

Have Thyroid Disease? Here Are Foods You May Want to Eat in Moderation

Thyroid disease can be a tricky condition to manage. But did you know that certain foods and nutrients can actually hinder thyroid function and interfere with its normal functioning?  And some may also affect the absorption of your thyroid medication. Following is a list of certain foods that are not-so-friendly to your thyroid and should […]

How Diet Plays an Important Role in Thyroid Health

Last week’s blog focused on the early symptoms of thyroid disease and early indicators that you may have a thyroid issue. Although usually treated with medication, your diet can also play an important role in supporting your thyroid health.  As with many health conditions, some factors are out of your control, including genetics. But diet […]

Early Warning Signs of Thyroid Disease

World Thyroid Day is May 25th, so this month we will focus on that butterfly-shaped gland that sits at the front of your neck. So what exactly is the job of the thyroid?  The thyroid gland produces hormones that regulate the body’s metabolic rate-controlling heart, muscle, and digestive function, brain development, and bone maintenance. Two conditions, an […]