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Stress, we all have it.  The fact is, life is stressful and it’s almost impossible to avoid certain stressful situations.  Work deadlines, misplacing keys, financial woes, traffic jams, relationship problems, running late for an appointment… the list goes on and on.  A little bit of stress can be helpful at times, such as in an […]

Health Aging

September is Healthy Aging Month.  Getting older is a natural part of life, but it doesn’t mean we have to succumb to poor health.  As we age, lean body mass and metabolic rate decrease, which in turn, can affect our ability to effectively absorb certain minerals and vitamins.   Although older adults need less calories overall, they […]

Back to School – Healthy Tips for Parents & Kids

It’s September, so you’re probably preparing for back to school, lunches, soccer practice, and repeat. We thought it timely to share with you our latest tips on how to keep your family healthy during the school year. Now, we’re certainly not against a treat every once in a while, but we simply want to encourage […]

Trendy Turmeric

You may have heard the recent buzz around turmeric root and its health benefits.  Well, it’s true; this stuff is seriously good for you! Although you may be familiar with turmeric as a popular Indian spice, this nutrient goes well beyond the kitchen.  It not only packs a serious punch of flavor, but also scores […]

Nutritional Supplements & Prescription Medications

Although nutritional supplements are not prescription medications, those taking prescription medications should consider potential drug-nutrient interactions.  Some drugs do not combine well with certain supplements and can affect the drugs efficiency and utilization in the body or increase side effects.  One of the most common drug-nutrient reactions involves a blood-thinning medication called warfarin with omega-3 […]

Nutritional Supplements & Migraine Headaches

Are migraines caused by what you eat? In some people, diet can affect the frequency and severity of headaches, particularly those who experience migraines.  Although migraine sufferers are often sensitive to what they eat, foods that may trigger attacks in one person may not affect others at all. Why do some foods seem to cause […]

You Snooze, You Lose (Weight)

When most people think about trying to lose weight, they think about watching every calorie they eat and doing endless amounts of exercise.  But if you’ve been doing just that and still not losing weight (and…gasp…maybe even gaining weight), it may be time to consider if you’re getting enough zzzzz’s.    Research on sleep having a […]

5 Foods for Your Best Beach Body

In order to achieve a beach body that you’re comfortable with, a healthy diet, along with regular exercise is key. However, it can be difficult to keep yourself in check, as there are so many tempting summer treats.  To combat those cravings, here are some of our favorite healthy (and delicious!) foods to help you […]

CustomVite – A Brand You Can Trust!

Over the past few years, the nutritional supplement industry has been under scrutiny for a variety of allegations surrounding dishonest product labeling. Without a doubt, these claims have made many supplement users question the integrity of their favorite vitamin brands, even causing some to stop purchasing nutritional supplements altogether.  At CustomVite, we understand (and agree […]

Are You Constantly Snacking?

It’s 10:00 am and all of a sudden, your stomach is growling.  You think to yourself, I had breakfast not that long ago, how can I already be hungry?  Or maybe it’s 1:00 pm, you just finished your lunch, and you’re hungry again. If you’ve ever gotten back from a meal to find yourself already […]