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A monthly supply of vitamins tailored to your unique needs, in convenient daily packs. Made to order in the USA with the freshest, highest quality ingredients. Delivered directly to your door.

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CustomVite changed my life. I have spent years juggling bottles and organizing vitamins in weekly containers to make certain I was getting what “I” thought my body needed.

With CustomVite, I no longer juggle and am assured each day, combined with a nutritious diet/exercise, I am doing everything I can to arm my body with the appropriate nutrients to live a happy and healthy life. Love it!

D.H / Harbor Springs, MI

CustomVite is a much better option than buying individual supplements. CustomVite “customizes” your supplement needs with your doctor and then designs the minimum amount of capsules/tablets needed. These are then prepackaged in easy to use “daily” packets.

I would also like to comment that CustomVite’s customer service is excellent as well. All emails and questions were answered quickly, sometimes within the hour, and any changes were also carried out in a most efficient manner.

C.M / Calgary, AB

Since I have been taking Custom Vitamins, I have a greater sense of well-being and lots of energy.

J.B / Smyrna, GA

I like CustomVite.They are easy to take, customized to my needs, prepackaged into my daily dosage and the staff is great to work with.

B.T.H / San Antonio, TX