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Your brain is the command center and powerhouse of the central nervous system. It makes up about 2% of human body weight, and it controls your daily tasks such as moving and speaking. Without the trillions of neurological connections and the billions of nerve fibers and cells working together, regular every day activities could not take place. There’s no doubt then, that your brain is an amazing marvel of design – in fact the neurons are receiving and processing information at rates comparable to the speed of light! However, it is important to know that as you grow throughout the years, your experiences and learning opportunities is what keeps your brain working, learning, and constantly developing.

Brain plasticity is defined as how our brains change as we experience new and ongoing situations throughout life. From birth to the age of 10, our brains reach 90% of their full adult size. From ages 10 to 30, our brains reach maturity where creativity, complex reasoning and long-term memory functions start to peak. At 30 to 40 years of age, the brain cells gradually, but very slowly, start to shrink. From ages 40 to 50, short-term memory and reactions to intricate stimuli may take longer. Around the ages of 50-70, cognitive processing speed is slowly declining. As you can see, it is especially important to take extra care of the body as you age, by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and acquiring adequate nutrients to fuel the inevitable-aging mind, body, and soul. Some key nutrients that may provide brain and memory support include:


-Ginkgo Biloba Extract






-Choline Bitartrate





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