Why Do I Always Look So Tired? These 4 Nutrients Can Help.

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If you feel like you have darker undereye circles during the cold months, as compared to the warm months, you’re not alone.  The lack of sunlight during the fall and winter can disrupt your circadian rhythm – your normal physical and mental behaviors that follow a 24-hour cycle.  When this rhythm is disrupted, it may […]


Holiday Stress

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  But along with friends and family, the holidays can also bring an unwanted visitor into our lives- stress.  Unfortunately, the stress of the holidays can leave many of us feeling less than wonderful.  To make matters worse, chronic stress has been implicated in many health conditions, ranging […]


Nutrition Tips for Staying Healthy This Winter

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Winter is fast approaching and as the temperature drops, many people find it increasingly difficult to maintain a healthy diet. The combination of holiday eating, lack of sunlight, less physical activity, more comfort foods, deficiencies in essential vitamins and minerals, and more hibernation can not only lead to weight gain, but also wreak havoc on […]


7 Natural Ways to Keep Your Skin Glowing During Seasonal Changes

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If the cold, changing temperatures, and dry indoor air are leaving your skin dry, itchy, and flaky this season, you’re not alone.  A change of seasons can wreak havoc on your skin.  Fortunately, there are things you can do to protect your skin, including moisturizing often, using a humidifier, wearing a hat, scarf and gloves, […]


Fall Superfoods

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It’s that time of year again where it gets darker earlier, and the nights get cooler.  That can only mean one thing- it’s fall!  Lucky for us, the fall is full of a variety of seasonal foods that are full of antioxidants and fiber which can help boost your health during the colder months.  Head […]


Eat Your Broccoli

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Why do parents force their kids to eat broccoli? Well, everybody knows that broccoli is considered one of those healthy, “dark, leafy green” vegetables, that have an abundance of vitamins and minerals, but is there something more to this familiar green? While broccoli is considered a rich source of vitamins K and C, it is […]


Pregnancy & Diet

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For most pregnant women, even those who pay little attention to their diet, pregnancy is a major “aha” moment – a time when you fully grasp the meaning of “you are what you eat.”   But you don’t have to wait until you’re pregnant to start eating well for your baby.  Following a healthy diet before […]


3 Nutrients To Combat Easy Bruising

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Although bruising is a normal process following injury, these familiar, unsightly, purple marks can be caused by a variety of other factors that do not involve trauma to the skin.  Aging, certain medications, and vitamin deficiencies can all affect how easily your body bruises. Of course, prolonged, unexplainable bruising, especially those that last more than […]


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

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Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most common hormonal disorders affecting approximately 6-20% of reproductive-age women.  PCOS happens when a woman’s body produces more male hormones (androgens) than normal, and thus causes an imbalance between their levels of estrogen and androgen hormones. Some symptoms include: Menstrual disorders (often skipped cycles) Hirsutism (male-pattern hair […]


How to Naturally Manage Glaucoma

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Glaucoma is a disorder that is most commonly characterized by elevated fluid pressure within the eye.  This pressure puts strain on the eye, and, if left untreated, may damage the retina and optic nerve, and lead to vision loss or even blindness.  There are two types of glaucoma, the first, and most common form being […]