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Sustain Your Brain

Posted By: CustomVite Nutrition Team   Date: April 24, 2017    Comments: 0

Your brain is the command center and powerhouse of the central nervous system. It makes up about 2% of human body weight, and it controls your daily tasks such as moving and speaking. Without the trillions of neurological connections and the billions of nerve fibers and cells working together, regular every day activities could not […]

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Hidden Hunger

Posted By: CustomVite Nutrition Team   Date: April 21, 2017    Comments: 0

Hunger is a term often used in reference to malnourished individuals (especially children) in impoverished or developing countries. However, did you know that roughly 1/3 of Americans experience at least one nutrient deficiency? Dr. Michael McBurney, one of the world’s leading nutrition authorities, recently introduced the idea of “hidden hunger”. In a nutshell, “hidden hunger” […]

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Spring Time Health Benefits

Posted By: CustomVite Nutrition Team   Date: April 10, 2017    Comments: 0

The weather is warmer and the sun is setting later. This means that spring has finally sprung! The gloomy winter days are a thing of the past (for now!) and it is time to take in all the health benefits the spring season has to offer. With the temperatures rising, you can spend less time […]

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Intuitive Eating: The non – diet “diet”

Posted By: CustomVite Nutrition Team   Date: April 3, 2017    Comments: 0

When you go to the movies, do you find that you always have to have popcorn and other snacks, even though you’re not really hungry? Do you find yourself snacking at parties and in other social settings as a way of keeping busy? Do you tend to eat when you’re stressed out or bored? These […]

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Posted By: CustomVite Nutrition Team   Date: March 29, 2017    Comments: 0

Anxiety is defined as a feeling of uneasiness, worry, or nervousness, typically about an impending or uncertain outcome. Often anxiety is normal, and part of your body’s natural response to stress. However, there is a difference between everyday anxiety that we all experience from time to time, and an anxiety disorder, which is constant uncorroborated […]

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